Still here! Still delinquent!

I swear up and down and on my honor as a very honorable person that I will post about Bethlehem and Jerusalem… after I come back from India in two weeks.  This is just major life updates that I feel I should probably be sharing, because the number of people questioning whether I’m alive or dead is getting alarming.

Numero Uno: I’m taking online grad courses to qualify for a teaching certification in middle-school math and science.  It counts towards one year of my masters in education if I want that.  Woo!  Education!

Point the Second: I’ve applied to schools around Europe and Morocco, so perhaps I’ll end up there next year, but if not, I have a position in Kuwait for the next two years.  So the one year to travel the world plan has been extended slightly.

Thirdly: I’m going to India in eight hours!  So I should sleep… or write about Bethlehem.  Yeah, that sounds more fun.


One thought on “Still here! Still delinquent!

  1. Which European programs if I might ask? If you can pick up German, they typically don’t have tuition in Germany—same story in France, Switzerland, maybe Belgium, maybe Italy, and a smattering of other EU countries. Just to throw that out there. (Sadly NOT the UK, as I know too well.)

    Also—dang, freaking awesome man!

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